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Authentic flavours

On the island of Lido we can find a cosmopolitan enogastronomic reality: an indian restaurant, a thai-sushi restaurant, a chinese restaurant, a lot of pizzerie, an English-bus turned into a sandwich bar where you can eat every kind of sandwichies all day and night long, grilled meat restaurants. But the fish is the master. You can find it in the form of cicchetti, famous all over the world, or you can eat the typical Venitian dishes, such as “bigoli in salsa” or “ sardee in saor”, cooked in a simply way as the tradition wants (venetian cousine was a poor one) or rivisited in an elegant and modern way by international chefs.

On Pellestrina, instead, you can eat zero kilometer products: in the morning the fresh fish arrives directly from the fishing boats and then is cooked accompanied by local vegetables. Here the locals are very friendly and make you feel part of the community, above all during the summer typical festivals.

A dish as particular as well-known of our beloved Venetian cuisine!

Sardee in Saor

(Doses for 8 people)
– 1 kg of sardines
– 1 kg of white onion
– ½ l of sunflower oil
– 250 ml of white wine vinegar
– 10 gr of pine nuts
– 50 gr of sultana raisins
– Salt and pepper as required.
Clean the sardines of the entrails and remove the head, fry them in abundant oil, salt them and set them aside. Clean and finely slice the onions then fry them in sunflower oil for about 2 minutes, add vinegar, a little salt and pepper and boil for a minute. Turn off the heat and add pine nuts and raisins. In a pan, spread the sardines alternating with the onion sauce, repeat the same operations until both are used up (the final layer must be composed of the onion sauce). Leave to rest in the refrigerator for at least 2-3 days and then …. GOOD APPETITE !!!!