More Than Venice

Slow and sustainable tourism

The ways to discover our territory

Slow rhythms and eco-sustainability: these words contain and best represent the best ways to discover our territory. Forget traffic, horns and chaos because our experience must be lived step by step, without pressure.

By foot

The small size of our islands allow you to move comfortably on foot, choosing between the discovery of the Liberty villas, long walks by the sea or the picturesque Pellestrina and its “calli”.

By bicycle

12 km ride from San Nicolò’s cloister to Alberoni (the southern end of Lido Island) passing through the ancient village of Malamocco and its history, traveling along the sea and the lagoon; the most trained can ride up to Pellestrina, that can be covered until the Ca’Roman Naturalistic Oasis.

By horse

The most romantic (and experienced) will not be able to do without horseback riding on the beach or in the pine forest of Alberoni, with a “cicchetto” stop in Malamocco.