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Choose your Emotions!

More Than Venice, if it is possibile! Venice: the first great love of the Venetians, the beauty that we see every day and which never stop to fascinate us. But there’s more than the classical stay in Venice, more than the usual Islands tour ( Burano, Murano and Torcello).
Just a few minutes from Piazza San Marco, Lido of Venice and Pellestrina, the two islands dividing the lagoon from the sea, are two complementary realities which cannot be the “possible step” of a journey in Venice, but they have to be the true destination of the trip. Our mission is to create itineraries that respond to the wishes and needs of the guests, in order to let them live an experience full of emotions. In fact, it is the search for authenticity, the enthusiasm to let people discover the lesser-known aspects of the islands that has pushed us to combine our strenghts and skills. Local flavours, handed down traditions, timeless places, tailor-made itineraries and high level services designed for every need. A horse ride on the beach, a sunset tour on a fishing boat tasting some typical “cicchetto”, a bike ride along the “murazzi” are just small samples of what we can offer you.

Relay on us, choose you emotions!

We shared two important travels: the first one, by ship, some days before the start of a pandemic that would have upset our lives; the second one a few months ago, by the same ship, which however seemed different, as indeed, our lives. We looked each other and, thanks to our friendship and mutual respect, we decided to create something together starting from our roots and our territory.


Evelina Picone

I was born in 1989 and I raised on the Lido. Honestly, tourism wasn’t planned in my future. But life is strange and so, when I was 26 and after some past work experiences, I opened my own travel agency, La Dogaressa Viaggi, at Cavallino-Treporti (near Venice). My agency has been and is still my life, sometimes I love it and sometimes I hate it as well. I’ve often thought of closing it and looking for a new job, but I can’t because I love my job. The love for travel, the love for my customers, the possibility to make them smile and make their dreams come true. So, at the end, La Dogaressa Viaggi has come back home on the Lido with me with the desire of starting again and of facinig up new challenges, starting from our territory.

Sales Manager

Antonietta Busetto

No snowflake ever falls in the wrong place this is the sentence that better represent me, the key to really knowing myself. I’m 37 years old, I am the mother of a beautiful girl named Sofia and I have been working in tourism for over 15 years. During the first years I worked in the commercial offices of important Resorts, then I landed in the world of tour operator and organized tourism. The pandemic has certainly shocked tourism, but I’m sure that customers, now more then ever, are looking for the authenticity that generates an indelible memory il them, that they are looking for the experience. Choosing sustainable and tailor-made tourism, I decided to start from our territory, from emotions.

Esperienze autentiche

Dalle storiche isole agli splendori naturali, scopri il meglio di Venezia