More Than Venice


Venice. No descrpitions are needed. The city of love, the city of art in all its forms, the city of the Carnevale and of the Lagoon. Walking across the calli and the campielli takes you back to the past, to the “Settecento Veneziano” and to its magic. Surely, to be located near Venice is a great benefit for the Lido and so More Than Venice purposes a series of activities in the city, such as guided tours, walking tours, gondola tours, visits to the palaces and the museums, water-taxi limousine service and much more.

“It’s always taken for granted that Venice is the ideal place for a honeymoon, but it is a bad mistake. Living in Venice, or simply visiting it, it means to fall in love with her and in your heart there’s no place for other things”.
Peggy Guggenheim, The mistress of modern art, 1982